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about mohan color lab

Mohan Color Lab is a Mumbai based agency that offers a bouquet of services in professional photography. Spearheaded by Rajeev & Sanjeev Bathija, they decided to take up a passion in photography as a profession, after showing great talent in photography during their initial years in the business.

Coming from a business background, the duo understood the hardships that faced them in achieving something they could be proud to claim of. With a strong attraction towards photography, fueled by some of their friends’ events and occasions, they started to take it up as a profession in which they excelled at every turning event.

Proficient in handling various types of assignments, the duo are equally comfortable with industry, interiors, food, product shots and more. Capturing the emotions during weddings was something he earned great recognition for, with some of the big names in the industry swearing by their exemplary work and eye for capturing every minute detail. By putting all their knowledge and experience in shooting weddings, the two brothers have made every customer that has approached them happy, who never reconsider who to hire for their next big event.

Specializing in digital photography, Mohan Color Labs has always strived to create the hallmarks of what make for a successful event, memorable for years, at the opportunity offered in every assignment.